Fall is soup season!

Fall is soup season!

Fall is soup season! by your Watkins consultant Brian Spedowski and Kathy Watkins id# 394943

Tell us your favorite Fall soup today. Join us in a work at your own time Home business. AS you can see I have not posted on here for a long while but I still made money with Watkins home business and so can you. Are you in USA or Canada I a Watkins consultant can help you join Watkins
9/30/2016 is the date some of my post are old by how to contact us is the same. Also some consultant information listed in these post have changed and I have not updated these pages yet, so if you need information contact me and I will help find someone near you if you want that.

Fall is soup season and I love a good hot soup on a cold fall day. bright in colors and tasty.

Hi everyone here is a few of the spices I used in my broccoli potato cheese soup topped with crispy bacon. to order Watkins online go to http://www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski


01141 $16.49 Black Pepper, 12 oz.

01140 9.99 Black Pepper, 6 oz. (this is the traditional

size most people want)

00627 4.98 Celery Seed   00619 4.98 Paprika, smoked   00613 3.98 Parsley Flakes 

00611 3.98 Oregano

22006 6.99 Onion & Garlic Pepper   00609 4.98 Mustard, ground

and Cilantro Leaves by Watkins but I don’t see the order # for that.

Here is my soup before simmering is done. I use the same spices in my rue, which was only broth from vegetables and cheese stirred until it turned creamy. I use NO flour at all.

Fall is soup season!

Fall is soup season! What is your favorite soups? What is your favorite Watkins spice?

I per boiled the broccoli potatoes and some red onion I then fried the bacon and sautéed the vegetable’s in the bacon fat for a little smoke flavor I added a little smoked paprika too I did not brown vegetables  just a little crispy touch for flavor. then added everything in the slow cooker for the day.

  • So what is your favorite Watkins spices?
  • What is your favorite Fall Soup?

You can answer me by jotting me your recipes by email or  join Watkins and start your own post stating your favorites. my website are listed at the top of my Watkins blog wall, or contact me on Facebook Kat Kathy Byrnes or Brian Spedowski www.katwins.com or www.respectedhomebusiness.com/394943

Hope to hear your fall soup favorite soon!!!! Enjoy Fall soup season 🙂

April Price list 2016

April Price List 2016

April Price List 2016 from your Watkins consultant 394943

Example of a Flyer and Price List
(current materials may look different than this example)

Now Online: April Price List 2016 and Featured Products Flyer

April Price List 2016

Watkins April price list 2016 online now, information from Watkins free training site join us today www.respectedhomebusiness.com/394943


April Price list 2016

Gather more orders and earn more income when you give your customers our materials with April specials. You can print the exact number of copies you need, right from your computer.

Please realize that Watkins makes every effort to have all the specials available to order for the entire month. But, once in a while, supplies of a popular product may run out before the end of the month, and there are no “rainchecks” or “backorders.” So, if there’s a particular product that you or your customers really want, we strongly suggest you order as soon as possible.

All information above from our free Watkins consultant training site.:

I love JR Watkins and coming soon there will be another new products. So, if you want to join Watkins for business and or personal supplies go to www.respectedhomebusiness.com/394943

New Products coming SOON! : Scheduled for May

Watkins is introducing new products later this spring, currently slated for May. Four new fragrances of Body Wash and two new Ultimate Travel Kits will be available in the U.S. and Canada. There will also be natural food coloring (U.S. only).

That is all the new news I have for now get you April price list 2016 from Brian and Kathy Watkins Independent consultant 394943 today. http://www.timelessintegrity.com/prices



Rotor and Watkins info below!!!!

The story for Rotor _—>   www.gofundme.com/helprotor

Rotor needs help, Watkins is having a special offer this month, everyone that joins Watkins receives a $20.00 gift certificate. go to www.respectedhomebusiness.com/394943

This story below is about a dog named Rotor, and his family. Watkins specials below.

Hi everyone today is Friday and Watkins is having great specials this month. however I like to share with you a go fund me link first. My daughter bought this puppy named rotor about 7 month ago, and he was full of life played well with his brother moose of 15 year old dog, and his uncle my dog Harley a German Sheppard a year old. However, we noticed he was walking different and would look sad. So at he regular vet appointments they did X-rays and he has hip dysplasia. Here is a link for the story of  ROTOR www.gofundme.com/helprotor  #rotor # help #gofundme

2015 #rotor Rotor

Moose are Dog is comfy, in 2015 we got him a little brother rotor they love to play but rotor is sick please help at www.gofundme.com/helprotor Thank you Rotor is a great puppy.



Big Announcement: Everyone who joins your team in March gets a FREE $20 Watkins Gift Certificate!



In case you missed the big announcement last week, here it is…

Watkins is giving you a great chance to grow your team this month. And when you expand your team to include new members, you can qualify for bonus income on the sales results from your overall team. And it will be much easier to grow in March because…

Every new Watkins member who joins during March will automatically get a free $20 Watkins Gift Certificate postal-mailed directly from Watkins a week or two after they join. Awesome!


Calendar of Upcoming Dates

March 1 to March 31: March Specials are in effect: view our Price Lists and Featured Products Flyers.

March 13: Daylight Saving Time begins.

March 25: April Price Lists and Featured Products Flyers should be available at www.timelessintegrity.com/prices.

March 25: Watkins Customer Service (including phone ordering) will be closed for the Good Friday holiday.

March 27: Easter

March 31: Last day for orders to count toward March retail discounts and achievement level bonuses. Order by 5:00pm Central time via phone at 1-800-WATKINS or by 11:59pm Central time at JRWatkins.com.

April 15: U.S. Income Tax deadline.

April 30: Canadian tax deadline.

Send people the exact link below through e-mail or Facebook:


  • Write these exact words on printed materials such as business cards and flyers:Visit www.respectedhomebusiness.com and enter ID 394943

Rotor and his family says Thank you.





Canadian Consultants

Great news!  Canadian Consultants

Canadian consultants

Watkins Insect Repellents are hugely popular with Canadian consultants and customers (sorry, Americans, this is one product category that is ONLY available to Canadians). Selling these repellents provides a significant portion of profits for some Canadian members.

Watkins produces a good supply of these products each year. But even so, unexpectedly high demand has caused some of these to sell out by early summer in years past. So, Watkins officially calls these a “limited quantity” product each year.

In other words, the time to order is NOW! Don’t be caught slapping at bugs that could have been stopped by ordering early. This is the perfect time to stock up.

#33098 Family Defense Repellent, 10% DEET Aerosol, $12.99
#33097 Family Defense Repellent, 7.5% DEET Pump Spray, $10.99
#33075 Insect Repellent Aerosol Spray, $14.99
#33077 Insect Repellent Lotion, 240 mL, $14.99
#33079 Insect Repellent Lotion, 80 mL, $8.99
#33081 Insect Repellent Lotion, travel size 45 mL, $5.99
#33085 Insect Repellent Pump Spray, 30% DEET, $10.99
#33086 Insect Repellent Pump Spray, 5% DEET for Kids, $9.99

www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski id # 394943 order online or by phone 1-800Watkins

www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski id # 394943 order online or by phone 1-800Watkins Canadian consultants

IMPORTANT! HOW TO ORDER INSECT REPELLENTS: The Insect Repellents are not listed among the usual category tabs on the JRWatkins.com website. To order, log in at JRWatkins.com, then type the word insect into the Search box near the upper-right. It will display a screen with all eight of the Insect Repellents, from which you can add them to your cart. You can also go directly to any particular repellent by entering its item number into the Search box on the JRWatkins website. www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski


I know USA we need these items too, but because of FDA regulation USA is not allowed to use these products. I know Michigan New York state and Pennsylvania could real use these.

How to become a Canadian consultants it easy as 123, click this link here www.respectedhomebusiness.com/394943 or www.katwins.com and Join today.

Welcome Canadian consultants

Almond Extract

Watkins Almond Extract by Kathy Brian Spedowski

Price list includes Almond Extract and many other Watkins products for your home. See my Almond extract story of the month. My homemade cookies LOL see recipe and photo below.

Price lists for Watkins products in USA and Canada not a Watkins member it is ok call 1800-watkins to order by using my # 394943.

Free Watkins pricelist:

Almond extract, Canning time, Essentails |Natural

great spices and herbs for canning, baking soda, natural extracts, pure organic vanilla,

Sugar cookies /  Christmas cookies or really Almond cookies 🙂

references of these little modify sugar cookies is from Betty Crocker’s cook book printed in U.S.A 1961 been in my family since then, so I modify these recipes to my own flour, sugar and extracts/flavorings.

So, here I go the story of my  bad sugar cookies

Almond extract

bad Almond extract cookies, so read story redoing these so they look great and tasty awesome.

with the Watkins Almond extract.

I decided to make a fast batch of sugar cookies for my honey, I had all the special extracts from my Watkins home business. I know they are the best flavoring out there. but, what I did not remember is how powerful these extracts are.  My cookies, WELL turn out “strong” tasting of Watkins almond extract !  So, I thought it will bake out and tasty sweet, yes it did tasty sweet as an fresh almond to sweet actually LOL !

Back to the baking part, my plan was I want little round ornaments details below. I put a few on the pan in a ball or circle form. They cooked up nice and golden. I let them cool and frosted them with cream cheese frosting. then yes I tasted them and the almond flavor was still to strong.

Note: moral of the story: Watkins extracts  amounts need to be modified in all my recipes

So here is the original recipe with my modification listed after.

Before I start I want you to know how I fixed my cookies, yes you guess it, I made another batch without the Almond extract and mixed the batches of sugar cookie dough together, the taste and texture was so much better.

no almond extract see story

second batch creaming butter,


1 1/2 cup of sugar

1 cup of butter

cream butter and sugar, then add:

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla — I use 1/2 tsp of Watkins double strength vanilla, (well you know from story above I did not but I should of! )

1/2 tsp Almond flavoring; I suggest if you use Watkins Almond extract you use 1/4 tsp

mix in egg, extracts until creamy again,

slowly add dry ingredients

  • 2 1/2 cups of flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp cream of tartar
after mixed together nicely refrigerate for about 2 or 3 hours
divide dough in half roll out on lightly floured area  about 3/16″ thick cut with cookie cutters place on sheet add a little sugar or colored sugar other option below,
Baking time and oven heat: 375 for 7 to 8 minutes depending on thickness of your cookies. the key I used was delicately golden.
or make crazy balls like I did,
I place little balls about 2 inches apart on greased cookie sheet and swirled in color recipe below. bake about 10 minutes.

option 2 :  paintbrush cookies by using egg yolk paint

egg yolk paint blend 1 egg yolk and 1/4 tsp water

divide into small little bowls/cups add your colors. note: divide into as many colors you want.

I used food coloring but you may use natural coloring too.

paint designs on cookies and bake.

Good tasting sugar cookies with Watkins almond extract

Almond extract

Almond extract


So time to go make the new sugar cookies with my Watkins Almond extract. I hope they turn out. I will try to get a finish photo here in few hours. Stay happy Love what you do we DO! Watkins home business at http://www.katwins.com get your free website to help you start your home business. Try some Watkins almond extract in your home.



Thankful by your Watkins consultant Kathy and Brian Spedowski

The things I am thankful for within the Watkins Business.

  • The New customers and business partners
  • The great team I am on.
  • The products- natural Gourmet, natural personal care, natural plant-base, and natural home remedies products.
  • The great recipes
  • The specials offered monthly
  • I am thankful I can run a home business the way I want to, NO RULES!
  • Free business site
  • The extra income
  • retirement plan
  • Tax breaks
  • Family time
  • The business follows you where ever you go!!!!! if you want it to!.

Do you see this list could just keep going as Watkins home business is what you make it and I am very thankful for that, as life can have many up and downs.

Thankful, naturalproducts

I am very Thankful



New consultants I am always thankful for these new people joining my Watkins team, no not everyone joins Watkins to do the business part, but the one that do I am listing below so you may contact them if they are in your area.  Remember Watkins can be done from anywhere so they don’t need to be in your area.

From the USA to Canada we have Watkins consultants for you all.

M.J. Fisher Reston, VA  20191 ~~ consultant id # 674878
mjfisher628@gmail.com (703) 944-4685

Michael has a link you may use to join him in the Watkins business.


A few Everyday tips

Spray a small amount of J.R. Watkins All Purpose Cleaner on a soft cloth and gently rub over switch plates to remove fingerprints and smudges. •  To clean your ceiling fans of dust, use a long-handled brush dampened with J.R. Watkins All Purpose Cleaner.

Natural Gourmet tips

Bake 1 tablespoon/15 mL of vanilla extract at 350°F/180°C for at least a half an hour to fill your house with that delicious fresh-baked smell. •  Company coming? Boil cinnamon, clove, orange or lemon extract with water to add a natural fragrance to your home.

Belly Feeling Icky!

Ground ginger can be added to hot water or tea to soothe an upset stomach. Try this after your thanksgiving dinner!

Have a great week I am thankful for you all!  The little blog from your Watkins consultant Kathy and Brian Spedowski  Watkins sponsoring number id# 394943


Oatmeal Chewy Cookies



Watkins Double Strength Vanilla

Watkins special to you from us Brian Spedowski Watkins ID #394943

Watkins also has gallon size DS. Vanilla for the bakers in the family order today.

$119.99 ~ Clear Vanilla $69.99 gallon size


we have gallon size DS Vanilla too! Gallon size pure vanilla

we have gallon size DS Vanilla too! Gallon size pure vanilla

Don’t miss the first sale on Watkins Vanilla in more than a year

Watkins 11 oz / 325 mL Double Strength Vanilla is 20% off in November.
01008 US Regular Price $14.99 – Sale Price $11.99 (SAVE $3.00 per bottle)
01008 CN Regular Price $16.99 – Sale Price $13.59 (SAVE $3.40 per bottle)
You know that bake-proof, freeze-proof and lower alcohol makes Watkins Double-Strength Vanilla the best vanilla on the market today.


Watkins 11 oz / 325 mL Pure Vanilla is 20% off in November.
01012 US Regular Price $19.99 – Sale Price $15.99 (SAVE $4.00 per bottle)
01012 CN Regular Price $21.99 – Sale Price $17.59 (SAVE $4.40 per bottle)
For those who just have to have “pure” vanilla, you also know that Watkins Pure Vanilla is the best “pure” vanilla on the market today.


Watkins Double-Strength Vanilla has not been on sale of any kind since last November yet it is still one of the top sellers in both the United States and Canada. I’m sure you know that when customers buy Watkins Vanilla most of them couldn’t care less what the price is – they just want it! It is a huge profit maker for those who sell Watkins products.

But I’ve got to warn you that many of the big Watkins direct sellers are planning to stock their shelves, closets, and storerooms with Vanilla in November.

Some are estimating their sales for the next year and buying as much as a one year supply so they can make an extra $3-4 a bottle over the next year as their customers buy Vanilla at the full price. They know they’ll sell it easily no matter how much they buy.

I’m not suggesting that you do the same thing. But I am warning you that it is possible that Watkins 11 ounce Double Strength Vanilla completely sells out in November.

If you are in Canada, you may remember that this actually happened near the end of November last year. In case you didn’t know, Watkins does not offer back-orders. This means that if Vanilla runs out of stock and they can’t produce more by the end of November, you will not be able to get the sale price when it does come back.

Watkins, however, feels confident that they have enough supply to handle demand, but if you want to make sure to have what you need for your customers, I strongly recommend that you order early in the month, rather than later.

There are other great sales in November, including 20% off on all the other 11 ounce extracts, 20% off on Cooking Spray, and 10% off on top selling Menthol Camphor Ointment and Petro-Carbo Salve. To find out, visit:

www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/Spedowski ID# 394943 to order online.
Thank you for your business.



Building | by Independent Watkins consultant 394943

builing a team,home business | Natural products

building Independent Watkins Consultant Watkins sponsoring id # 394943

Building a team with us, we are Kathy and Brian Spedowski sponsor id # 394943 join us and build your team with this great offer, cost to join $19.95 online then Watkins sents you a $20 gift certificate SO Cost to join FREE!

Big Announcement: Everyone who joins your team in August gets a FREE $20 Gift Certificate! So lets start building teams together.

In case you missed the big announcement last week, here it is…

Watkins is giving you a great chance to grow your team this month. And when you expand your team to include new members, you can qualify for bonus income on the sales results from your overall team. And it will be much easier to grow your business in August after you yourself joins because…

Every new Watkins member who joins during August will automatically get a free $20 Watkins Gift Certificate  (including you) postal-mailed directly from Watkins a week or two after they join. Awesome!

So join us and let’s build our teams together,

All you need to do is get the word out! And that is EASY for you to do, because we have already set up a personalized recruiting website for you to let people learn about the August incentive and the Watkins business. If they join through your site, they’ll be part of your team. See after you join you will have this free site to send other to just like mine, check it out today. three links below: two of these website are free to you too after you join, the www.katwins.com  is my shorter link I use on business cards.




What a great way for your prospects to join this wonderful business opportunity! For those who choose to start with the $19.95 electronic membership, the $20 Gift Certificate is almost like getting a rebate for their membership fee. Cool!

Of course, those who join during August can immediately sponsor their friends or other prospects who might want to enjoy the journey to success with Watkins, too—and each of those new members get a $20 Gift Certificate.

Again, the benefit for you, as an existing team member, is that by building your team now with this incentive, you’ll be set to have much more success as we move into the busy autumn season

July Sales

July sales

July Sales for Watkins consultants or customers.

Looking for great July sales will Watkins has a few this July, to see all July sales you may click on this link or print your own copy from here. http://www.timelessintegrity.com/prices

Prints July sales to share with your family, http://www.timelessintegrity.com/print

July Sales from your independent Watkins consultant blog page, join us in savings or growing a business today.

www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski is having great sales this month order as a customer by using our link or join for great saving daily, no monthly quotas to meet, if you join, unless you want to grow a business!
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More Products added to July Sales!

Home business or join as a customers in July for $19.95,

July Sales, Cooking with Watkins, holiday income

Join Watkins at www.respectedhomebusiness.com/394943

Watkins has put more products on special for July, in addition to the specials shown on our July Featured Products Flyer. The additional specials are:
•10% off Pain Relieving Liniment Spray
•10% off Calming Bath Soak
•10% off Liquid Dish Soaps
•20% off Menthol Camphor Relief Mist
•20% off Menthol Lavender Drops
•20% off Menthol Camphor Bath Soak (U.S. only)
•20% off Natural Menthol Camphor Vapor Rub (U.S. only)

_______________________ about us____________

we won,we won. July sales

Won. we started Watkins in 2011,we use Watkins everyday,Brian and I have been together over 15 years, 2013 something new

We have been busy with family emergency for a few month this year, and as one my know it can put a wrinkle in a job or home business. However, with Watkins it did just the opposite. Brian Spedowskis’ team my have got a little smaller but, the sales went higher and he reached new levels of achievement in June!  So, with these great July sales he would like to see this happen again in July.

Join us in using Watkins products daily as a customer or a team consultant. love what you do WE DO!

give us a shout at www.katwins.com in contact us form, we are here to help, enjoy the July Sales today. Always stay strong and believe.